Young CEO Founds Students with Seven Billion

How 26-Year-Old Woman Granted Students Seven Billion

Young CEO of Frank, Charlie Javice estimates financial aid her companygave to 300 000 students at around 7 billion which is somewhat between$25-30K for each student. The most interesting about this is that it’s notloaned money, they do not have to return it: all the money is institutional grants and other aid given to colleges. Javice says that they want to helpstudents get rid of debts and graduate successfully – it can be considered aspreventative health care. Here writing essay east company for students shows examples of talanted young people and we want to share this story with you!

Frankand FAFSA

The company helps to lower costs by using customer-friendly interface designed specially for students which lets them get access and easily complete their FAFSA (abbreviation from Free Application for Federal Student Aid). It is widely distributed among colleges and determines all financial aid kinds. According to statistics, just 47% of students fill out the form even if they can obviously count on it and the reason is that it is pretty complicated.

Students and their families face a challenge when filling the forms andmaterials to get aid, and Frank makes it free, simple and fast. The servicedescribes you what college actually costs and what grants and aid rewards youcan get. This info is very important for educational planning and helps students to pick those schools and programs which they can afford.

Misunderstanding Risk

The misunderstanding between students and real college costs is the main problem, young CEO says. It may lead to dropping out, debts and bad academic experiences. Frank can ease this process by helping students understand their options and have an idea of the actual costs and benefits. Javice is right when talking about matching problem: loan repayment depends on degree completion and the financial pressures make students leave college. That is why getting proper information in advance maximizes the chances to make the right choice.

Javice is pretty serious about higher education and it is not just capital, but more personal to her. However, according to Crunchbase the company has already raised $15 million of venture funding and set a membership of $20 per month which lets students get access to all the info about financial aid opportunities. Javice states that it is essential to know all your options before you choose a college and also that loan is not your only choice and we agree with her.