Writing a Science Fiction Story

Science Fiction Story: How to Succeed?

If your school assignment requires you to become an author of the science fiction story or perhaps you want to become a writer, there are some important things you should know. Many people acquire knowledge by means of endless efforts and work and you can just avoid such painful experience and read recommendations of professionals.

No tips can provide you with the talent; however, they can help to avoid common mistakes and help to bring your work to the right direction.

In case you are just starting your path as a writer, it is important to think over the format of your work. First, it is better to start with something small and then proceed to higher levels. Thus, a short story is a perfect option for you, while creating a novel just can make you bored and impatient. So, how to make a great science fiction story?

Think over the chosen genre

You are about to set to a science fiction narration. Thus, you need to realize what science fiction is and how to write using this genre. It seems to be very easy and clear, but you need to know not only the main concept but also pay attention to all genre details. For sure you have read thousands of stories where imaginary heroes are real and explained scientifically. Now it is your turn to imagine something like that. Make your heroes and reality consistent, catching and innovative. Remember all those great scientific stories of great authors and try to work out your own unique story.

Do not overload your narration with characters

We know that you have dozens of ideas and your fantasy is working actively in order to astonish your readers. However, it is important to know where to stop. Select two or three characters and involve them in the story.  If you introduce ten or twenty characters, your story would rather remain the chaos and will bore the reader. Besides, you will hardly manage to tell about any character in detail since you are writing a short story and cannot describe numerous characters.

Have a medium in your story

Regarding the genre of the story, it is preferable to have a character, who will explain all the details and peculiarities of your imaginary world to the readers. The character does not need to be a human but he or she should be recognizable for readers. Many readers will imagine themselves as this character, so you need to make him inspiring and exciting.

Think over the structure of your story

Do not forget that you are working on a short story. Thus, you need to make its structure logical and consistent. Do not write long introductions for a page or two and know the mass with descriptions. Focus on a couple of ideas in your narration and proceed with their development till the end. Think over an interesting payoff and finish your story in a way the readers will remember.

Pay attention to details

If you want to create a real masterpiece, every word of your think piece should be refined. No fantastic idea or extraordinary narration can excuse illogical structure or inconsistency. Thus, do not make any confusion and remember that writers remember and notice everything. Moreover, you need to select a tense for your story, so that the events sequences were logical and clear for the reader.

Do not neglect routine and criticism

When your story is ready, it does not mean that the work is over. You need to proofread your work, correct grammar mistakes and misspellings. Yes, that is incredibly boring but very effective for your success. It will be great to ask your friend or a colleague whom you trust to read the story. Any criticism leads to development and you can make some conclusions based on it. Even if your friend is far from writing sphere, at least he or she can say whether the story is interesting or not.