Writing an Artist Biography together: Your Keys to Success

Writing an Artist Biography Together

A biography seems to be a simple succession of events that can hardly be very important for your career. You just write all the main milestones of your life and that’s it. However, it is not so simple, as it seems from the first sight. Your biography is one of the important factors that form the entire image of you as an artist. It is one of the pieces of the puzzle, which ensures your further success and promotion.

Thus, instead of simple enlisting of events of your life, you should consider writing your biography more seriously. Telling your life path to people is like getting acquainted with them and you should make a good impression on them.

Determine Your Audience

When you set to writing a biography you should concentrate on appealing to your addressees instead of boasting with your success. Think about people who will read about your and consider how to tell them an interesting story about your life. 

Provide Right Information

Narrate about key events of your life. Tell where you were born and what education you received. If you have no degree, share your story of professional development and self-education. Write about your family and friends and about other important people in your life, who influence you. By that, avoid being egocentric and self-centered, stick to a neutral style and try to be maximally open.

Start with Drafts

You can hardly write a perfect biography from scratch. At first, you should start with some drafts and notes and gradually improve them. Sometimes it is hard to find suitable formulations and text can seem to boring. Only numerous drafts, rereading and improving can lead you to the refined outcome.

Opt for Repeat Editing

Why is editing so useful? First of all, you have an opportunity to correct grammar and punctuation mistakes. Facing some misspelling the reader can receive a bad impression about your educational level. Secondly, repeat editing provides you with the opportunity to reread your formulations and thoughts and to refine them. Therefore, do not neglect such routine activity as editing and proofreading since it will definitely result in a great text of your biography.

Ask Feedback of the Colleague

This old, time-proven method of sharing thoughts with the colleagues is approved by numerous people. It is hard to be critical to your own thoughts and ideas. Only another person can draw your attention to things and details, which you do not notice. For sure, it does not mean that you need to make changes to your text at once. Consider feedback of your colleague but do not lose your own style of narration.

In fact, your biography is not just a static list of information on your personal experience and events. It should be a great motivator for you to move further, to develop and gain new achievements. By that do not forget to enhance data in the biography along with your personal and professional development. The up-to-date information in your biography will provide true information to people, will enlarge your opportunities and will orientate you for further goals.