Write and Earn – the Magazines You Can Write for

Earning Money by Writing Articles

One of the key issues modern freelancers face is to find a reliable and well-paid job. Looking for pretty good opportunities you may come across various options, but most of them can hardly provide you with a stable and high enough income. In spite of this fact there are publications that offer high salaries for a high-quality content. To become a team member of such publications is not an easy task and it may take some time, but still in this way you can go to the next level of your career. Nowadays we can mention a lot of magazines that are ready to pay the writers, but the number of magazines that compensate the writers really well is much smaller. Below you can find some magazines writing for which you can earn $500 or even more per an article.

Catholic Digest looks for positive and experienced writers who are interested in creating articles on spirituality, faith, parish life, relationships, marriage and parenting. You can count on $500 for the article of 1500 words after its publication.

VQR is an opportunity for those who are seriously engaged in literature and publishing. This journal offers pretty good money, that’s why they thoroughly select the materials before they appear on the pages. You can earn $200 for a poem (but not more than four), 25 cents per word for prose, and $500 for a book review of 2000-2400 words.

If a sphere of your interest includes environmental issues, you can pay attention to Earth Island Journal. They need a person who can provide research and discussion not only on pressing problems, but also on the issues that could potentially become problems of global scale. The subject of the magazine covers various points starting with environmental law and public policy and ending with land conservation. For the in-depth print story of 4000 words you can earn from $750 to $1000 (25 cents per word). Newbie have a chance to write online reports too, the magazine evaluates them at $50-$100.

The American Gardener is run by the American Horticultural Society, and its readership consists of experienced amateur gardeners. The magazine offers $300 – $600 for feature articles on plant conservation, garden design, people-plant relationships, biodiversity, plant research and plant hunting; besides, in some cases it provides travel and expense reimbursement. In general, the typical article of the American Gardener covers 1500-2500 words.

The story of Boys’ Life started in 1911 thanks to the support of the Boy Scouts of America. The payment offered by the magazine for nonfiction articles varies; the writers can receive $500-$1500 per one article. The magazine deals with readers at age of 6-17 the large part of which is boy scouts. The topics you can focus on aren’t very limited, the key requirement is that they should be entertaining and interesting for the readers.

The Sun Magazine is especially interested in personal writing, in particular, essays, fiction, poetry, and interviews, but it doesn’t mean they don’t accept articles on cultural and political topics. The magazine offers different fees depending on the type of writings, so you can get $100 -$200 for poetry, $300-$1500 for fiction, and $300-$2,000 for interviews and essays.

Early American Life may be liked by history and early American style buffs. They accept both short stories and pieces of about 2500 words. The magazine is published seven times a year and focuses on traditions, travels, antiques, architecture, and decorating. The editors are glad to see newbies in their team and pay a $500 payment for the first material. Writers’ earnings increase in parallel with the improvement of their skills.