Write a Resume to Pass the Artificial Intelligence Test

How to Write a Resume That Will Pass the Bots When Applying Online

This is the question that may bother quite many applicants! Indeed, are there any secrets and hints that can help you to optimize your resume so that it will end up in HR’s hands? Yes, there are! And there are no secrets at all – you will simply need to take into account several useful tips in order to know how this system works and how you can pass it.

What is the principle of recruitment and screening algorithms?

Well, the process is similar to what SEO does. Tracking programs simply search for keywords and linked phrases in applicants’ resumes, scoring them according to the candidate’s fit for the job.

What are these keywords and phrases? Skills, knowledge, abilities, experience, education and other professional features that the company is looking for in candidates. Any particular duties can also be included. You can find all of them when reading the job description.

As a result, the algorithm first picks the resumes that match the keywords and phrases. Next, it will sort out those that correspond to the main requirements of the company and rate them accordingly. The most modern programs can even calculate the length of your experience if a candidate with a specific amount of working hours is needed.

Is it possible to optimize the resume according to the algorithm?

Yes, it is possible. What you have to do is to make sure your resume contains those keywords and linked phrases which the algorithm will search for. Put in the terms mentioned in the job description and remember to add skills, competencies and other required features.

If there are any specific abilities that the company wants you to meet (and you have them) – put that in, too!

Where can one find the keywords?

Generally, you can search for these keywords in the job requirements section. Education requirements, job length, licenses, and diplomas – all of them are so-called first-level or surface attributes.

The candidate’s background is the next point. What values here is your practical skills such as writing surveys or reporting to senior manager, which means that these keywords can be found in the section where you describe your practical abilities.

Finally, here come the skills that are not that essential, but still important enough. For example, your ability to execute the tasks assigned to you. This means that such phrases as “people management” will be your keyword.

Does cover letter matter nowadays at all?

A reasonable question, but yes, it matters a lot. The thing is that the cover letter is the first thing that HR will see after your resume will get through the screening.

Unlike a resume, a cover letter allows you to tell about yourself more openly, it is the way to provide not only brief data about yourself but introduce your best qualities and sides to the prospective employer. A well-written custom cover letter is the best way to be noticed by HR and not get lost among all the other candidates.

What are the most frequent mistakes that applicants do when applying online?

The first mistake is to send a generic resume that doesn’t correspond to the specific job. Also, using images or unique fonts will not help you to become noticed – at least, not by the desired employer. One more failure is to use tables for structuring the information while bullet lists will work out much better. And remember that digital programs search for more general terms, so job titles like “Design Guru” will not pass.

What are the red lights for applicants when looking through the job posting?

First of all, any weird requirements or demands must worry you when you are reading the job description. If a company is searching for candidates with a “marketing research degree” (which doesn’t even exist), it has to be a red light for you, because probably their HR is not that experienced in the field.

Also, pay attention to the duties: if you find any that do not correspond to the specific position – this is not the right place for you.

To sum it all up, when writing a resume to pass the AI test, don’t worry if you don’t meet all the requirements. What is more important is that the job description fits you and you feel you can and want to do it.

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