Use These Tips to Write The Best Essay Ever

Good Tips to Write the Best Essay Ever

In our era of highly developed technology, we can all rely on today’s computers that can check our grammar to find some mistakes. However, sometimes it does not find a difference between “its, and it’s, their, there, or they’re” etc. That is why you need to proofread your paper several times and spellcheck it.

The difference between “its” and “it’s”

Some young students do not still know the difference between “its” and “it’s,” and they are always confused. Such mistakes can highly decrease the chances of your essay becoming the best. You may wonder – is it still a real problem for certain students to write “its” or “it’s” – unfortunately, it is. However, the definition of “similar” words is easy: its – represents the possessive form of “it,” and “it’s” is a shorted form of “it is.” That was a useful minute of English Grammar, and but we are here to learn about the tips.

The third person in your essay

By writing your essay, you must always avoid such phrases like “I believe,” or “I think,” or even “you know.” Such things only make your work worse, and that is something you do not need for sure. If you have a good topic for your essay, try using lots of evidence of your opinion, and it will make the overall effect much better.

Some essays (for instance, a college application essay) require the personal reflection, so in this case, you cannot avoid the first person and must support and develop your topic in such way. Moreover, it is highly preferable to use personal information or interaction in mentioned essays, so the judges would understand what person you are.

You should always be specific

The basic principle. You should always be specific, so try to include lots of examples and details to reveal and open your topic in the best way. Asking and answering the questions may also be good to do that.

Additional help

Due to the facts that most applicants are failing during the writing assignments, many experts and teachers tend to believe that idea of creating school’s writing centre is a good one. It is better to create an environment where many people would help you with basic principles, so you would not fail by writing an admission essay.

You need to have a point

Your paper needs valid points. You do not need to write a large essay that contains thousands of words, but instead, try to find your goals and make good points. The most important thing of every essay – is a point, or a statement, or thesis, you can call whatever you want – but make sure you have it. All your ideas described in the essay must be connected with certain points. In addition, do not forget about the structure. As we have mentioned above, the most common problem for all applicants is following such structure. Just remember that essay always consists of five paragraphs: the first part and a conclusion, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion to make a logical end.