Tips On How to Become Freer in Your Storytelling

Feeling Completely Free to Write Your Own Story

Are you too scared to write? What’s exactly stopping you from essay writing your own unique book? Actually, you can write about anything you like. The only condition is that there must be a connection between you and your material. These effective tips will help you feel that writer freedom to create something special.

Become an enthusiastic reader

Books have the unique ability to present you a world of great imagination. That`s why all writers need to be avid readers. You can discover an infinite kaleidoscope of styles and grasp the art of language by reading. What is more, reading encourages your own imagination and gives you the opportunity to find out what works and what doesn`t work in writing. Here is how to increase enthusiasm for reading:

  • Choose books wisely
  • Find book reviews and recommendations
  • Add reading to your schedule
  • Do not waste time reading something that isn`t for you
  • Take notes while reading

Get interested in mythology, tradition, and folklore

No doubt folklore and mythology are part of the identity of every nation. Myths and legends give insight into the perspectives and values of long gone cultures and evoke the sense of social history. They can serve writers as a strong moral compass and provide them with a strong link to past generations. Folklore often conveys timeless and universal themes, which are relevant in the art of storytelling. So, don`t underestimate their value if you are an aspiring author.

Get your writing flowing

It doesn`t matter from what point your writing process should start. There are plenty of authors who rarely start at the beginning because outlines just don`t work for them at all. Your book will be bound to succeed if you have a strong sense of character. When you are writing a story, you don`t have to think about it – it should just come. The words and the imagined reality of your story live in your head. So, don`t be afraid to climb back inside your head and write everything that you want to write.

Find your own source of inspiration

There is no need to explain how it is important for every writer to have inspiration. When you are inspired the process captures you so much that you often forget about food or sleep. The greatest source of inspiration is something that we all have access to – the whole world around us. You can recast the stuff of everyday life in fantastical ways. Even your own life can inspire you. For example, the own experiences of feeling like an outsider have inspired Nnedi Okorafor, a well-known Nigerian-American writer of fantasy and science fiction, to write her fictional creations we all enjoy reading today. Inspiration is not just a desirable thing, it`s an integral part of the writing process. Just look around and find those things that inspire you to greatness.

Flex new creative muscles

Do not be afraid to dive into a completely new genre. You have a very broad spectrum of writing genres to choose from and apply your unique power to create an imaginative, original literary production. In fact, multiple genres can improve your writing. Writing in an unfamiliar genre might be just the push you need to advance to a new level in your storytelling. You should always remember that there is no limit to how far your skills can advance.

Create fictional characters wisely

Your fictional characters must ring true in order to be convincing. Just like real people, they should have their parents, backgrounds, siblings, and experiences that influence their current behavior and shape their personalities. As soon as a suitable character comes into your head, be sure that you know what sort of person he or she is. All your characters should be placed into the context of the story you are writing after you have determined their personality, sex, and age.

Let no one discourage you

You can meet a lot of people on your professional way who can tell you to stifle your imaginations and stay away from all that stuff. On no account let anyone discourage your ambitious attitude. Be your own motivation and always believe in yourself. Create the stories you have never found on the library shelves. Just write them, and do it your way.

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