The Best Scholarships You Can Apply in 2019

The Best Data Science Scholarships from Elite Universities to Check Out in 2019

If you are dreaming of getting a degree in data science, machine learning or any other similar niche, the main thing that might keep you away from implementing these plans to life is money. We are glad to inform you, that there are numerous scholarships for students provided by elite universities of the world. It’s not that easy to find them, so we have prepared this list for you.

University of Sydney

The best institution of Australia, University of Sydney, offers a scholarship program for students, who show high results in their current studying.

Discipline: Data Science Scholarships

Degree: Master’s

Country: Australia

Application: 30 April 2019

Expenses covered: Data Science scholarship costs $6,000 and lasts 1 year

Specified requirements: University of Sydney only accepts those who have already finished a degree program in Math, Physics, Data Science, Statistics, Computer Science, Engineering, etc. Students’ grade point average should be no lower than 75.

Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute

Tsinghua-UC Berkeley Shenzhen Institute is a project of well-known Californian Institute Berkeley and Chinese Tsinghua University. They have created an institution to create and support cultural, academic, and scientific bounds between countries.

Discipline: Tech and Data Science

Degree: Master’s

Country:  China

Application: Dec 15, 2018; 8 March, 2019; May 1, 2019

Expenses covered: 200+ available scholarships; PhD tuition program fee is 40,000 CNY a year; Master’s tuition fee is 33,000 CNY a year; application fee is 800 CNY; medical insurance costs 600 CNY a year; students’ boarding costs 1,000 CNY a month for a single room.

Specified requirements: To pursue Master’s degree in the Chinese University, one should have a Bachelor’s degree in a related field and an average mark no lower than 35 scores.

University of Adelaide

International Scholarships offered by Australian University of Adelaide are provided to talented post-graduate students, who aim to get degrees in Software Engineering and Data Science. This institution gladly accepts international learners to support their research aspirations.

Disciplines: Software Engineering and Data Science

Degree: Master’s and PhD

Country: Australia

Application: 30 April 2019

Expenses covered: Fees for 2 years of Master’s degree tuition and 3 years of PhD tuition + living, travelling, and conferences.

Specified requirements: Applicants should have a degree that is equivalent to Australian First-Class Honours. International students are accepted only if they have no research qualifications.


Indian University INSOFE collaborates with world-known companies like Phillips and Microsoft, where the best graduates can participate in various internship programs. They accept students from all over the globe to help them achieve high level of knowledge in such complicated sphere as data science.

Discipline: Big Data Analytics

Degree: Post graduate

Country: India

Application: January 2019

Expenses covered: Rewards for high-achievers vary in accordance to the level of their performance at every particular program. The sum starts from 25.000 rs.

Specified requirements: Students have to pass the test provided by INSOFE. The decision of the admission committee will depend on the test results, students’ overall performance, academic and work experience (if any).

ETH Zurich

There are two programs talented students can take in ETH Zurich: Excellence Scholarship and Master’s Scholarship. Both are focused on data science and related disciplines.

Discipline: Data Science

Degree: Master’s

Country: Switzerland

Application: 15th December 2018

Expenses covered: The program covers both living and studying (11,000 CHF each semester) and provides students with a stipend (6,000 CHF).

Specified requirements: University will review your scholarship application in case you also apply for Master’s degree tuition there. Student’s study results have to be high – no less than 10% of grade A in a certificate.

University of Westminster

University of Westminster is a top institution of the UK that offers one of the best and most competitive programs for students. This University pays special attention to exceptional international students, who want to study in the Great Britain and get degrees in data science and analytics.

Discipline: Data Science and Analytics

Degree: BSc Honors

Country: UK

Application: 31st May of 2019

Expenses covered: Tuition expense, boarding, and travelling are completely covered by the University

Specified requirements: University accept international students who receive offers to continue education at the University. They have to show excellent academic results and leadership skills. Also, the institution pays special attention to students, who have poor families.

There is no way talented and aspiring students can miss an opportunity to get the best educational program ever. Now you have a list to review and choose the country and institution you like. Good luck with your scholarships and don’t forget that you cannot enter any of these institutions without passing TOEFL or IELTS.