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Facts About Lovecraft You Can Use In Your Academic Work

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Interesting facts from Lovecraft`s biography that will surprise you Howard Phillips Lovecraft is a mastermind of the Gothic tale of terror. You will definitely learn his famous works at college if your major is literature. We have decided to arm you with some astonishing facts about his life in case your teacher asks you to accomplish a writing assignment.

How to write a winning scholarship essay. Tips for students.

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Top Four Tips to Writing a Winning Scholarship Essay Every year the admission panel of the top colleges and universities receive thousands of essays. Sometimes it is hard to review all of them and understand what kind of person is an applicant. Moreover, they must choose a certain amount of applicants that truly deserve the loan. That is why your scholarship essay is one of...

Approaches to writing assignment with the Game of Thrones characters

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Essay on Grammarly Post and writing skills you could improve with Game of Thrones characters The book five ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’of George R.R. Martin’s and seven seasons of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” weren’t created for writing guide. However, the characters can give us a wide range of lessons to use in our life. When it comes to writing, the unique style of...