New Advances and Trends in Education: Techno Revolution

Undoubtedly, education is the most powerful weapon people can use to change the world. Being smart becomes more and more actual these days. There is no wonder in it, as what is learnt by young is hard to lose. Fortunately, our generation has realized these words in a proper way.

Education is considered to be one of the most progressive industries. So, there are many innovative technologies which are aimed to facilitate and improve the education process for all people. These new technologies continue developing the system as the whole, including learning methods, approaches, opportunities, and other related issues.

The TOP 4 EdTech Trends to Try in 2017

21st century has brought to us a real breakthrough in technology, at education system as well. For example, there are lots of portals, where people, regardless of gender, nationality and age can have online lessons, or different mobile apps which enable people to learn something new just sitting in the park or travelling.

So, let`s take a look at Top 4 changes, that have a significant impact on education and learning nowadays:

  • Virtual Reality: thanks to it, students in physical classrooms all around the world will be able to observe some VR advancements. For example, there will be some gamified decisions, visualizations, new methods of performing experiments in such sciences like Biology, Astronomy, Medicine, Physics. By wearing some special devices, like headsets, students will have an opportunity to observe clearly how this or that chemical reaction or physical phenomena takes place in real.
  • Augmented Reality: this way of studying is new, but extremely interesting both for students and teachers. Using Google Glass, teachers are able to take their students miles away from ordinary classrooms to various places, factories, industries, showing all specifications. It gives students a golden opportunity to learn more about a place`s history, to observe it properly. It is completely new way of teaching, but is seems to be interactive and interesting for students.
  • Cloud Computing: this innovation facilitates the process of studying for teachers and students. Only by using one electronic device, teacher have free access to homework done by students. In addition, it makes students free of carrying heavy bags with many copybooks. In case you have Internet at class, you will be able to see all teacher`s notes. If you are sick at home, you will receive that material as well. It is a flexible and extremely comfortable way of studying.
  • Online Social Networking: if you want to go fast – go alone, if you want to go far – go together. Have you ever thought why many people work in teams? The fact is that working in a team with many discussions, questions, answers, reviews and comments reveal a true personality and enable person to understand all in ins and outs deeply. Moreover, it teaches a person to become a confident speaker and leader in the future. Students at universities and schools have now education process available even beyond the classrooms, by means of cloud computing, mobility etc. LCD screens are set in classrooms, which are connected with students` devices, what makes the whole learning process more interesting.

The main thing now is to be not afraid of all these innovations and try something new. Remember that technologies will never replace great teachers, but these technologies in the hand of great teachers will surely be transformational.