Math Challenge: Pick Your Book and Read It

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Reading Math Literature and Expanding Your Horizon

If you are thrilled about the existence of reading lists, you will be delighted there are some about hor issues on math as well done by our essay writing service. This constitutes a part of a challenge that is typically regarded as the one for professionally trained students. Although we do realize this might be a narrow field, there are nonetheless authors, focused on a single discipline.

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They may not be as renowned as the ones who publish in the section of fiction but are definitely worth the attention of the demanding public.

Even if you are not a mathematician, this might be another way to step out of the box and get down to the challenge as soon as possible. Math reading may not be the easiest one out there, but it surely adds to your qualifications as a specialist. It is also an inspiration to act beyond the comfort zone and try something that sounds both exhilarating and complicated. The structure of the challenge can be referred to as erratic, but it does not account for the thousands of readers, who are still in the process of exploration. These are the prompts that can be navigated depending on your favorite genre.

Each of them is interrelated with math and science, so the list basically comprises all of the aspects of the challenge. Do not hesitate to give it a try, but treat this as a recommendation option in case you are deeply confused. Surely, this is going to be a bumpy ride since there are not too many reading projects on math existing. They seem to be confined to the characteristic of tedious, but we are here to prove this is not the case. In fact, the math reading trend has just started to emerge. We hope it is going to give you enough motivation to select the new favorite topics:

  • Books with the characters that are related to math are The Housekeeper by Ogawa and Binti by Okorafor. Both of these are exceptional in their own right and have their lawful place on the list.
  • Books that have been published when you were born. The choice here may vary, depending on the date of birth. The retro challenge may start in the 1980s, with the book by Marcus, called Computational Approach Using BASIC.
  • Books that contain a detailed biography of mathematicians that have influenced the course of history the way we know it today. This has been a hard choice up to date, mainly because there are so many decent editions to be included. However, we would like to focus on the ones entitled Remembering Sofya Kovalevskaya by Michele Audin and Julia: A Life in Mathematics by Constance Reid.
  • Books that may help you uncover a creative side. Although this is a bit unusual for analytical science, we actually believe that math can change our perception of reality. Meanwhile, you can get lost in your favorite hobbies by studying it. Let’s take Crocheting Adventures with Hyperbolic Planes by Daina Taimina as an example.
  • Books that have a mathematical number mentioned in the title. This one is relatively innocent, resulting in us remembering the popularized and promoted Life of Pi by Yann Martel. Surely, you can come up with your own numbers that can be added to the list.
  • Books that can be categorized as graphic novels. Sounds fantastic, right? We are here to present one of the best versions of the novels, created by Andrew Granville and Jennifer Granville. Prime Suspects are going to get your attention pretty soon.