Welcome students and those, who like studying and writing!

I am a writer and that is the deal of my whole life. That`s my calling.

I have been working as a professional writer not for a long time, but I really like it now. It is a pleasure to see that readers enjoy reading your posts and that you also help them to solve some academic difficulties. I started as a blogger, and then I was offered to be a writer and publicist for Young Scientists Associations. I was so happy to get that position. I worked really hard to show my professional competence and satisfy my boss with the publications. This job truly means a lot for me. Am I crazy about writing? No. I just like it, like the artist like to draw or like a singer to sing and perform.

Let`s get acquainted closer. I`m Xenia Davoir and I`m 26 years old. I was always good at writing at my school and university. I graduated university with honor and I`m proud about that fact. I was always trying to do my best and to achieve more. This feature now helps me to move ahead all the time and develop myself.

You know I am the author for STEM scientific research. Also, I work as a writer and publicist for Young Scientists Associations. Is it hard for me? No. Absolutely. When you do things you like, you feel comfortable. Am I right? I mean, this job brings me money and satisfaction. “Not bad” you may say. I`d say “excellent”.

Many people say that I have my own manner of writing. I respect and partly consider their point of view. But, frankly speaking I don`t know which manner I use while writing.  The main rule for me is to be always honest with my readers and myself of course. That`s it. Nothing special.

My first blog was “Technologies which make educational process more effective”. Overall, I think that such publications are interesting for all people, despite their age, gender, occupation. My motto is “Live and learn”. So, most of my publications now are aimed to broaden people`s outlook and encourage them to develop. Do you agree that education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world? That`s true in my view.

It is very important for any writer to be well-educated. All posts and publications should be written in a proper way, correctly structured, without mistakes. In addition, it should be interesting and informative for readers. That`s why, I always do my best to maintain and develop my professional competence.

Here, at Young Scientists Associations, I work in a team, which consists of intelligent and creative people. That`s a pleasure to cooperate with them and gain expertise all together.

If have some questions, feel free to ask them. I`ll be glad to answer all of them ASAP in my blog!