Saying Hi to Our Clients!

I was born in California, and I live there even now, although I travel a lot, so I spend a lot of time in other states and countries. Recently, I’ve visited Europe and I am going to share my experience in next posts…but anyway, my short biography.

I am 31 years now, and I am an active person, who does not like to stay in one place. I hate routine so that I am trying to make my life as diverse as possible. I enjoy the freedom and do not want to depend on somebody…maybe that is the reason why I am unmarried (huh). I keen on active kinds of sports, enjoy swimming and surfing, so you can find me somewhere on the beach if I am not in front of my laptop writing a blog post or an article for a website.

You can believe it or not, but I enjoyed studying at the University of California much, and I was so passionate about education, so I finished holding D.L.A (Doctor of Liberal Arts) in 25 years. However, I was always crazy about writing, but, you know, dissertations and thesis do not allow you to show all your writing potential, so I’ve decided to start a blog. That allowed me to kill two birds with one stone and I managed to apply my knowledge in the educational sphere and develop my writing skills.

Nowadays, I am Liberal Arts research writer and an essay writer for different educational websites and blogs and, and of course I keep my own blog to share my experience and impressions. Being a research writer is inspiring as you know that you can guide a lot of people of different age. Of course, my major audience young people and even teenagers, who are in search of themselves. Those, who are enthusiastic about Liberal Arts and want to enrich their knowledge in this sphere. I do not concentrate on only one topic, but rather write about different aspects of Liberal Arts, education and writing.

I hope I’ve answered at least some of your questions, but you can always write to my email and ask or get that info from my posts.