Inspiration for Future Writers and Those Who Want to Become a Writer

Leave Writing Crisis Behind: 10 Sources of Inspiration 

Writing requires discipline and skills, but you will hardly write something worthy without inspiration. The thing is that the great feeling of inspiration that helps us find excellent ideas and right words leaves us from time to time. That’s when writers get stuck and struggle to write at least one page.

Is thissituation sound familiar to you? Then, the tips below may be really helpful.Scroll down to find the most common sources of inspiration of professional writers.


Yes, reading a book can inspire you to write your own story. Works of other talented writers are not only an amazing source of inspiration, but they are also handy when you need to form your own style. You can read books and analyze them to find words, devices, specific features used by your colleagues. Some of them may be of use to you.

Go Outside

Go for a walk and visit some beautiful places. It can be any park, café with the vibrant atmosphere or any other destination that helps you to charge ‘your battery’. Several hours outside can help you relax. What is more, that is an amazing opportunity to observe nature, people…everything. Art imitates life, so observation may encourage you to produce some fresh ideas.


Music,especially classical one, can make you relaxed and happier. It is proven bynumerous scientific researches. It can also create an artistic atmosphere thatcan trigger a new plot twist in its turn. Keep a Diary 

It is a good idea to keep a personal journal and write down all your feelings, fears, worries etc. It can reduce stress and prevent you from getting stuck, as you are not distracted by undesirable thoughts.


Scientists prove that physical exercises have a good influence on your mood and mental state. They give you more energy and increase the performance of your brain. As a result, you are more likely to forget about writing crisis.

Do not Forget to Travel

The changeof daily routine, impressions, experience, new friends…these are just severalthings that travelling gives to us. It is a valuable source of inspiration.Thus, travel regularly and you can forget about the feeling of getting stuck.

Spend Time with Children

The childhood is the time when people are the most creative. Thus, you can spend some time with children, and they can give you some ideas for the plot. They can also awake you own ‘inner’ child.

Painting are Also Inspiring

Art can be an excellent source of inspiration, so do not hesitate to visit galleries or exhibitions and contemplate. Think what inspired the painter to create his work, imagine the process, dwell upon what would you depict with the help of paints.

Look Through Blogs on the Internet

Nowadays, people write about everything on the Internet, so you can find posts on various topics from movie reviews to the analysis of global problems. Do not hesitate to read the thoughts of other people, as they can encourage you to express your own view.


Sometimes, we do not need the inspiration to start writing. We just have to focus and do not distract on social media, outside world, phone calls etc. Thus, try to get rid of everything that can distract you and find several hours to work in silence.