Human Resource Management Research

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Human Resource Management Research

The researcher is the human resource manager of the company. Many employees have complained that promotion within the firm has often been based on discriminatory considerations. For instance, racial and gender bias has been a significant determinant of the likelihood of one being promoted. Therefore, the researcher needs to establish the number of employees who are disgruntled by such misconduct and the impact of bias in promotion decision-making.

Research Questions

  • What are some of the biased considerations made in promotion decision-making?
  • What is the impact of discrimination in promotion in employee morale?
  • What is the effect of discrimination in promotion on the performance of the organization?
  • What is the implication of biased promotion on employee turnover?

The research will be a survey that will utilize observation, interviews and focus groups as the data collection methods. The researcher will pose objective questions to the interviewees to obtain pertinent responses. Furthermore, they will observe the relationship between subordinates and their managers to establish the prevalence and impact of discrimination on the performance of the firm.

Informed Consent

The researcher will utilize written informed consent in which the respondents will sign to allow the use of their responses to attain the research objectives. The informed consent form states the right of the subjects of the study, its purpose, procedure, potential risks and benefits of the research to their field of work. Participants will not be compensated. The interviewees will be employees of the company; thus, their age is an established and valid minimum requirement.   Participating in the study will enable the management of the firm to eliminate discrimination from promotion decision-making. Since the anonymity of the interviewees is guaranteed, there is no risk in participation.

Selection of Subjects

The researcher will select three employees from each department. Participation will be based on the willingness of the individual to respond to questions provided on the informed consent form upon comprehension of their implications. Considering the Belmont Report, the sincerity, beneficence, and justification of the responses will be essential ethical considerations.