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Writing a Great Author BIO

As it reveals to the majority of writers and authors writing a great novel or a story is only half the work. There should be made a lot of works on improvements and editing, moreover, you definitely need to craft a great biography. Why is it important? It is wrong to be concentrated only on your work. Every detail is important and even your biography should be focused on your readers. With every your word and phrase, you need to provoke the interest of your readers and thrill them with your stories. Do you have a feeling that your life path does not distinguish with any interesting invents? Find some useful tips that will help you to overcome troubles when working over your biography.

Keep your story short

We know that you are a pro in writing and you can write a lot of interesting facts and stories of your life. However, it is better to limit with one or two such descriptions and do not bore your readers. Your biography should be a brief summary of the main milestones of your life. If you really feel a desire to share numerous recollections with you readers, keep them for memoirs.

Write in the third person

Such an approach is used by numerous writers and it reveals to be an effective mean of writing a biography. When you write in the third person, you feel more confident and can tell about your achievements and gains in less constraint way. At first, it may seem strange for you to tell about your own life in the third person, however, you should definitely try.

Mention some of your achievements

We are sure that you have a lot of information to share with your readers. You definitely have a lot of achievements and gains. However, it will be inappropriate to list them all in your biography. To strike the balance between the self-admiration and shyness, opt for several of your achievements that seem to you important and relevant in regard to your activities.

Provide information on education and professional experience

You can experiment with style and narrative manner, but when we speak about biography its core points still consists of your educational and professional background. To tell this information in a more interesting and vivid way, you can add some interesting facts and analysis made by each stage of your life for your development as a writer and book author. It is up to you to choose your own approach but it is interesting for readers to find out what made you opt for genre and books you specialize in. Thus, if you write detective stories, you can write about the possible experience of work in the police, etc.

Do not mix your biography with description of previous books

For sure, your previous books are part of your biography. They are the works that mean a lot for you and can make you talk for hours. You can devote some part of your biography for your previous books, but it should be a brief overview. First of all, few people are interested in long descriptions and critical analysis of books; moreover, it is already not a biographical overview. Secondly, your readers may have a desire to read your previous books on their own, so do not spoil this activity for them.

Make several versions

Writing and editing work is already familiar for you. Thus, you will agree that there are dozens of ways to write your biography and you need to try at least several of them. Create several versions of your life path; try to state the same facts using different approaches and narrative manner. As you already know, sometimes you need to create dozens of drafts until you make a masterpiece. The same method works with writing biography, word by word you will reach the desired outcome. Moreover, sometimes different versions of your biography become not just a way to refine your work, but an inevitable necessity. Thus, the message and focal point of your biography may differ when you appeal to readers or for example, publishing agency.

Use your own style and be sincere

Your readers and admirers choose you for your peculiar style. Tell the story of your life using this style and preserve your uniqueness. This is only you who can tell your biography in the most interesting and thrilling way. Just look the things from another angle and be sincere with your readers.