The future success of students

Empathy is the main key of success

How would be perfect to change our education system and add one special thing into its structure: an education would be much useful if empathy were a necessary part of the whole system.

In order to make prosocial behavior better or decrease a social aggression – the main tool is empathy. Some social theorists and experts see our world as a place where we cultivate enough empathy to see our Planet and its residents as one social important unit. There is also a suggestion that empathy might be very idealistic, especially in comparison to a model of modern schooling, where such things like character education and social emotional learning are not popular at all.

Moreover, the followers of empathy in education believe that it is a good way to create for children a successful way into the future. That is also important for all parents to understand, how crucial the value for success can be for their kids.

It is also worth mentioning that higher levels of empathy make students more productive in social environments, according to the latest research. The role of empathy in the education can be very useful and it can increase the academic success of many students around the world.

There was a study, for secondary school students, showing a strong connection between empathy indicators in children and their average grade. In addition, empathy continues to make a great effect, especially on comprehension in reading and social studies. The final statement is telling us that the empathic children are better able to place themselves in the role of central characters portrayed in the fictional and historical readings. They are also able to share and experience their feelings better.

The empathy factor in the education system can boost children in terms of social behavior and motivation. They are more concerned for and respectful of others, which is also making them more self-directing in order to avoid harmful actions or maintain higher results of ethical, social conduct. The Yale’s research found that empathy is focusing to increase the next abilities: perceiving, using, understanding and managing any emotions.

Empathy and the Learning Process

Including empathy in the learning process is very important factor for young students. Many scientists argue that empathy training can be very effective for schools. Among all types of empathy trainings available for schools, there are some ways to change these types to increase the atmosphere of communities or classrooms.

The emotional world of children

Children’s emotions are the most important players in terms of motivation or learning. The role of emotions is very helpful, since it can help many young students to eliminate distractions like anxiety, anger or fear. The focus on a child’s emotional world is a key element in Waldorf Education. In this case, children make a bigger progress in the learning process and achieve better results during the study.

How to use Empathy properly

Empathy can be used in the learning process by the help of using stories. Stories are very interesting for children, because there kids are encouraged to use their imagination and the ability to place themselves into these stories. That is why teachers can use story to foster empathy and help children adopt to their lessons. Using empathy can help students to understand their experiences or feelings.

Empathy model and the success

The relationships of students and a positive teacher is the most important factor to achieve the future success. In Waldorf Education, it is usual to use the mentioned factor. This essential form of empathy model can help children to understand the world within the classroom. In order to make a final statement, we can tell you that empathy is key of children’s success.