Five Students Awarded Marshall Scholarships

Meet This Year’s Marshall Scholarship Winners

Marshall Scholarship is an educational reward provided to the best American students. Winners get an amazing opportunity to continue their studying in one of the elite universities of Great Britain. Every year, about forty awards are provided to learners, who win a tough competition and prove to have strong leadership, academic, and ambassadorial skills.

This time, five MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) students won Marshall Scholarships. Katie O’Nell, Radha Mastandrea, Anna Sappington, Crystal Winston and Kyle Swanson will continue pursuing their degrees in the UK.

MIT Chancellor Cynthia Barnhart, one of the people, who guided students, claims that they show incredible results, extraordinary intellect, and real passion for studying. The Institute’s staff supported learners on their way to success and now they will represent their alma mater to the world.

Kathrine O’Nell

Kathrine is studying cognitive sciences in MIT. This fall, she will enter Department of Experimental Psychology at Oxford University. Her aim is to get a doctoral degree in computational neuroscience. One of her main spheres of her academic interest is the connection between speech and gestures.

Also, she guides first-year’s learners at MIT and takes active part in a political committee. Also, she takes numerous in-campus initiatives and plans to hold various events, like conferences and hackathons.

Radha Mastandrea

Radha studies math and physics in MIT. In Cambridge, where she is headed, Radha is going to study theoretical and experimental physics. She plans to gain a PhD degree in high-energy particle physics. Radha wants to connect her life with science in the future.

She and her professor Professor Jesse Thaler were studying and analyzing machine learning to review data about gluons and quarks received from CERN Hadron Collider. Radha is also interested in space sciences, astrophysics, and nuclear science. She is a president of Undergraduate Women in Physics at MIT and strives to emphasize women’s success in this sphere.

Kyle Swanson

In 2018, Kyle graduated from MIT with a BS in engineering, mathematics, and minor in music. He is going to continue computer science studying at Cambridge. He aims to research the usage of machine learning for cancer treatment. 

Professor Regina Barzilay guided Kyle on his researchers of machine learning and ways it can help to improve mammography and detect breast cancer better. He is working on algorithms that can predict levels of toxicity and plans to work on the drug development.

Anna Sappington

This year, Anna will receive a BS in computer science and biology. She will continue her studying at University College of London. Her aim is to become an expert in medical sciences and improve the oncology treatment using her knowledge of computer science.

Her Professor Aviv Regev supported her in machine learning studies on cell type classification improvement. Besides cancer, Anna also makes deep researches on the virus on hepatitis B.

Crystal Winston

Crystal has a senior major in mechanical engineering and going to get a PHD in aerospace structures and materials. She is focused on the improvement of transportation. During her years at the Institute, Crystal have invented a robot with 4 wheels, that transforms into a drone. She works on the scientific projects that can allow people travel through the air more.

Also, she cooperated with Google Maps and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. She is also a member of the National Society of Black Engineers and helps students pursue their future careers.