Esha Jafri Success Story with Amazon. Start earning being a student!

How to pursue your goals and become successful

The initial idea of starting your entrepreneurship is to become successful and famous in any area of modern activities. Regardless of you being a girl or a boy, it is pretty much achievable if you came up with an idea and a detailed plan. The story of Esha Jafri is not an exception, and a single independent girl from the Charminar city can be a subject of many admirers or dream pursuers.

The first part of her life was not easy, as she tried to find herself in the real world. Changing her jobs from time to time, badly impacted Esha’s health and she made a tough decision to return to her homeland. Her main dream was traveling around the world, but she could not afford it or at least fulfilled some part of a dream. She had a big interest in beauty products, and suddenly she decided to create her own business. Of course, her road begun on, where she started to sell products from the local market. After a short time, she realized how many positive responses she had, and it drove her to manufacture her beauty products. Esha came up with the name of a brand – ‘La Eztilo – Live Life Stylishly.’ The inventory of her products has increased its size, and it was the first step towards pursuing a dream.

She later admitted how the selling process through Amazon incredibly changed her life. The business has started to grow fast, and now she could afford to visit many countries, as an independent businesswoman. The best part was the accessibility and perfect availability to operate her business and increase the sales from any part of the world. At some point, it was very pleasant to understand, that she is making money by traveling around the world and she finally achieved her goals.

She, of course, went through all circles of hell, at the beginning of her business. Mainly, she could not sell any products for first two months, and she felt very depressed and overwhelmed. However, it did not break her, as she is now proud of her activity, posting each week photos from the country she visits following the big and shiny smile. She worked hard to start her own business, and there were tons of videos, articles and other additional materials to learn how you can start your business on Amazon. Finally, it pays off. After the depressing periods of no sales, she started to sell her products, and each month Esha beats her records, increasing her financial situation richly.

The story of Esha shows how it is important to pursue your goals no matter what. Following her story of success, and many moments of her previous life, she said many times that Amazon has changed her life and helped to pursue the goals and her main dream of traveling. Do not hesitate to learn from such examples, and maybe you will be the one, described in details, in our articles in a few years.