Emerging Essay on Gun Control by Kim Kardashian

You need to know about official essay from Kim Kardashian

Had enough after accident, Kim decided to post an essay on  “raising awareness on gun violence”. 2 June – is officially National Gun Violence Awareness Day and she also said she will be wearing orange to show her support for stricter gun control laws in the USA.

In her essay she also mention: “It`s been 18 years since Columbine, 10 years since Virginia  Tech, four years since Newtown  and we’re coming up on the one-year anniversary of the Orlando nightclub shooting. In almost 20 years, our country has made very little progress in enacting laws that would help protect innocent  Americans from people who should not have access to firearms. Right now, there are more guns owned by civilians in this country than in any other country in the world. In February of this year, President Trump actually signed a bill revoking a regulation recommended by President Obama that would have added 75,000 names of people with registered mental illnesses  to a national background check database. This is crazy!”

It is easy to understand her anger and helplessness and preoccupation with gun control problem in society, in Kim Kardashian essay noticed that she is not against guns, not against people owning guns. After some incidental in Paris, after The Parkland  school shooting, Kim eat heart out  and callin for change, Kim recently tweets on gun control reform. The tweet dedicated to Parkland school shooting could be one the most serious topics ever in media by Kim.

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Kim shows an example of a good citizen and sensitive on safety of society, especially colleges, schools and places where lot of children.