Dorothy Jean Tillman – 12 year-old girl who made a pretty mush progress in education and impressed everyone!

Environmental  engineering discovery,  young intellectual genius Dorothy

Recently, one of the most popular accounts and Instagram influencers lilmiquela has posted a statement about 12-year-old Chicago girl,who graduates with second degree from college and planing to get her masters.

Lets have a glance at this super girl, who is on her way to academic excellence at the age of 12. Her name is Dorothy Jean Tillman, who received her bachelor’s degree for Excelsior College. Before getting her another diploma, she needs some time to improve and getting level up of masters degree in environmental engineering. Dorothy Genius has a nick name that was created by her mother – Jemelita Tillman.

Dorothy is absolutely enthusiastic about environmental engineering, thinking of helping people and environment and that is perfectly coincident with her feelings and what make her happy. It is also supports students of color to attract interest to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Dorothy’s mother noticed her love for learning by memorizing “double digits by four or three”. The next suprising thing is that Dorothy from Chicago’s south side.

It is hard to omit that Dorothy obtaining her first bachelor and already has associate degree.
Dorothy mother also added :”Recently, in our culture, intellectuals is an academic achievement that has been diminished over time, and I think it’s incredible important, particularly at a time when there are questions about the value of a higher education“.