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Happy to hear from you so many positive feedbacks and curious questions. That’s really nice to realize that you make something for people, and they actually like it. The most frequently asked questions are like “How old are you?” “Do you have a family?” “Is it difficult for you to be a blogger?” etc. So, I decided to dedicate this post to myself 🙂

Frankly speaking, I like writing very much. It`s like the thing of my whole life. But, when it comes to telling something about myself, it is not really my cup of tea. You know I always wear my heart on my sleeve, today is not the exception.
So, the short story of my blogger`s life.

Overall, I`m an ordinary girl, who is just crazy about writing. My age is not also a secret, I`m 29 years old and I`m single. I feel comfortable with this idea, as all in a good time. I really fond of music. That is something what inspires me. I am listening to it even when I`m writing. If you think it distracts me, you are wrong. Just on the contrary, it helps me to concentrate my attention and to select appropriate language, theme etc.
I also pay much attention to healthy lifestyle. You know, “A sound mind is in a sound body”. That works, believe me. I eat only healthy food and wake up early in the morning to go jogging. I`m happy as a clam because of it. I feel much better and do you know what? While doing sport, the most genius ideas come to my mind! So, I always take my notebook not to forget something. Do you also go jogging with your notebook?:)

How did I become a blogger? I was an editor in my college newspaper. To be honest, my professor made me work there, as I didn`t have such a desire. And now, I sincerely thanks him for it. I trained a lot to become better in the sphere of writing, used different books, online resources. And I am a passionate writer and blogger now. I am fond of creative writing and editing and I always do such work with pleasure. For me, creativity is something that can`t be used up. So, after my college, I was searching for a job to show all my skills and my creative mind.

I was totally over the moon when one of the well-known writing company offered me a desirable position. They saw my blog, which was full of scientific liberal arts publications and my articles in local magazines and newspapers. Now I’m having a really peachy time writing  for people and I`m fully satisfied with my job… No, that`s not actually a job. That`s my hobby!