Correlations between refugees and global warming

Refugee Crisis Caused by Global Warming

The whole picture of the refugee crisis can be overviewed in the Mediterranean area, where people fleeing from Syria to EU. This problem has grabbed a great amount of attention in the last few years. There was a research conducted. In accordance with it, the refugee crisis is greatly connected with the climate changes.

To prove it all, the last year has brought many of the Syrian refugees, who were seeking a new shelter because of severe droughts. These droughts influenced farm production, what consequently led to economic and social strife there.

It is actually impossible to separate these two issues like general social instability and climate change. They are linked in many ways. It is quite obvious that climate change can lead to social and economic instability. It is also not a secret that these problems can turn up to be the major issues of society as the whole. The problem is the quantity of the troubles caused by the connection between climate and refugees.

This issue is very actual nowadays, as we want to live a good life and leave something good for the next generations as well. If such a problem exists these days, can you just imagine what will happen in a few decades, taking into account that extreme weather patterns are still increasing.

The Science journal has recently published an article which investigates this subject. The publication is focused not only on Syria and the Mediterranean area but on the refugees from the different corners of the world. There were approximately 103 countries which applied for getting an asylum in the European Union. In general, there are more than 350,000 applications to the EU from these countries per year. The authors analyzed all weather patterns and climate changes in all that countries. It was found that when temperatures in agricultural areas at that countries varied away from an optimal value and increased greatly, the number of people seeking a shelter increased as well. However, it wasn’t happening proportionally. The initial increases in temperature forced only some people to apply for an asylum. But when the temperatures varied more, the number of refugees increased.

Having done this research, the authors predicted the future in relation to what is happening now. By using special climate models, they have estimated that on usual emissions pathway, the number of refugees will increase enormously, by almost 200% by the end of the century. If to look from another perspective where people undertake some measures to reduce emissions, this increase falls to about 30%. It only proves the point that everything depends on us and the way we treat our natural environment.

People migrate to those places where they expect better weather and social conditions. Refugees are hoping to find a better place to live. However, we can all do something in order to make the whole Earth the best dwelling for everyone as it initially was. By undertaking some measures, all people can save the life for themselves and for the next generations as well. Everything depends on us. And the Earth has always music for those who listen. So, in order to avoid global problems which can further lead to catastrophic consequences, we should just learn to listen to nature.