Challenges On the Way of Foreign Language Learning

Learning a Foreign Language: The Most Common Problems

“As many languages you know as many times you are a human being”. Probably everyone has already heard these famous words. However, nowadays they are actual as never. The world needs educated and intelligent people, and knowing a foreign language or a couple of them becomes demanding and prestigious.

Certainly, no pain – no gain. It takes a lot of time, practice, devotion, and efforts to develop your knowledge of the foreign language. Different people have different abilities when it comes to foreign languages learning. However, there exist 5 common obstacles many people face when you do decide to take up a new language.


People are usually afraid what will happen if they aren’t able to understand this or that grammatical category of a foreign language and something like this. The fear of meeting somebody and not being able to talk using a foreign language you are learning – a great problem you need to avoid. Yes, phraseological and metaphorical world of any language is rich and difficult to perceive with understanding. Of course, it takes time to realize all the grammar structures of a foreign language. So, take your time, do it, try it harder. Forget about fear and enjoy each lesson. This is the only way to succeed.

Lack of opportunities

Not everyone can afford themselves having private lessons or attending some language school. However, it is not actually a great deal. Many people think that they have no opportunities to learn a foreign language and give up on it. Never do that! What about the Internet? There are many websites which are full of materials for learning any foreign language. You can read books online, watch videos, pass different tests. Visiting different forums where different people share useful materials is also a good idea. You will definitely find some friends there, who can practice with you on a daily basis. So, stop finding excuses. If you really want to learn a foreign language, you will never feel the lack of opportunities.

Refusal to accept things

Some foreign languages are written left to right…There exist many confusing endings…Mixed feminine and masculine endings… You are going to notice many interesting things while learning a new language. It is quite obvious. So, you just need to accept things. Of course, you need to understand why everything is like that. For once, take a look at the roots of a language and get to know. But remember that you need to deal and take everything any foreign language brings. Respect the differences and keep your mind open for getting new brand information.

The lack of time

Probably the majority of people find it difficult to have free hours for a foreign language learning and practice, let alone visiting the country to feel the language. The problem is that language learner put the wrong priority. If your dream is to become a confident language user, change your priorities, change your plans for a day. Try to make time for things you really need, and your life will become better. Only day-to-day learning can master your language skills, even if one day you are just watching educational videos on a target language.

The voice inside

The inner voice saying “you can`t do it” will spoil all your efforts and expectation about learning foreign languages. So, it is very important to deal with these negative thoughts. You should have only one idea in your mind – I can do it and I will surely do it. Postponing learning a dream language is for weak people. In order to succeed you need to remain consistent, hardworking, and extremely self-confident. Do not be afraid to learn something new and put it in your mind in a foreign language. Avoid self-ruining and negative thinking.

Learning foreign languages not only gives you the ability to communicate with overseas people. It broadens your outlook and makes you wide open for something new. Recognize your problems and solve them as soon as possible. Never stop feeding your brain. Being well-educated is brandy!