You Can Write a Successful Argumentative Essay if You Practice a lot

Useful tips to write an argumentative essay

You are to take into consideration all the nuances to create a really worth and effective argumentative essay. Your assignment should include some key elements, which help the audience to get ideas from your perspective. Sometimes you can lack experience in this kind of writing, so you can look through useful tips below, which will surely help you succeed.

Choose an appropriate topic

The very first step you should make is to find a good topic for your assignment. Look through some topic lists and select those, which can be discussed from different points of view. What is more, the topic should completely coincide with your interests, this will give you inspiration for better writing.

However, your interest can`t make the entire image of your essay. A strong argument is needed as well. This means, you should take into consideration the position you can take, reasoning and evidence, which you can provide. Your beliefs should be proven in a logical way.

If you have found a topic, think on the arguments and evidence you can use to support your ideas.

Think on both sides of your topic

When you have made up your mind concerning the topic of an essay, think not only about the point of view you are going to support but the opposite one as well. Keep in mind that you should present them in your essay, so this plays an important role.

Provide evidence

Sometimes students can misinterpret arguments, as they imagine them like two people, who are too emotional and speak loudly to each other. It`s not the way, which works in the academic writing. Each of your arguments should be supported by strong evidence, proof, and whether to add emotion or not, is up to you.

You shouldn`t create a great drama in your essay. Just give evidence concerning both sides and then make it clear, why one of them is better, providing stronger and logical proofs as well.

Writing an essay

When you have gathered all necessary information, which is the basis of your essay, the next step is writing itself. The structure of an argumentative essay is similar to other assignments, you are to include there an introduction, main body paragraphs and a concluding paragraph. The length depends on your assignment requirements.

Topic introduction

The introductory paragraph of your essay should include the topic of your assignment, a brief explanation of what you are going to write about and, of course, a solid thesis statement to show what idea you will support through the entire essay.

Present two points of view

You are to show to points of view in the body paragraphs, they are to be supported by evidence and logical assumptions. It`s a good way to start with the description of a counter-side and then proceed to the idea you support. Show persuasive evidence why your point of view is a correct one.

You should think well on the evidence you use. You can insert statistics, studies, quotations. Make your position clear for readers. Moreover, re-state your idea in the conclusion as well.

Some additional useful tips

  • Don`t be emotional, your arguments may sound irrational.
  • Make your conclusion a logical one but not emotional.
  • Your evidence should be real, don`t make up them and don`t use unreliable recourses.
  • Make citations in a proper way.
  • Get ready to defend your side, so learn all strong arguments of the opposite side as well.