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This is one of the popular educational blogs among students all over the world, among writers, bloggers, authors. Readers can find actual information on the educational process, essay writing tips, issues on academic writing, editing essays of specific fields. Readers can also find some information on Meddle East culture, religion, literature, history, etc.

Effective Writing Tips for Your Social Media Development

Writing Strategies for Social Media Social media in modern society can be a powerful online platform for your community, sales, business, and advertising. However, to be successful and make your page work it is not enough only to get a lot of followers. It is…

10 Steps to Improve Your Writing by Jordan Peterson

Writing Tips from Jordan Peterson A Canadian professor states that to become a better writer means to become a better thinker. Jordan Peterson claims that in order to improve your thinking abilities you have to learn how to write. Arranging own thoughts on a page…