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How to create good Essay on History

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Writing on History and Understanding How It Works Writing on history themes is generally referred to as one of the most complicated fields of creative thinking. Researchers stress that we need to take at least two points into consideration: Dealing with the primary sources. Primary…

Tips on Previewing Any Type of Writing

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Effective Previewing Tips Many students tend to dive into an academic text and start reading in a hurry, which is completely counterproductive. Instead of doing so, when you read for academic purposes, it is always recommended to read with specific goals in mind. This way,…

Skimming and Scanning Techniques in Academic Writing

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Skimming and Scanning Academic Texts The reader’s perception of any piece of writing gets deeper once he/she gets familiarized with it. Among other efficient methods for starting the careful reading required for academic work, there is getting a general overview of the content before beginning…

Essay on Harmful Biases: What are They

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Tactics to Getting Rid of Bias in Your Decisions When we think of biases, we mistakenly believe that negative actions are taken on purpose while many of them are done unconsciously (implicit biases). Biases can affect our behavior and decisions without realizing it and they…