The biggest refugee crisis caused by climate changes

Climate Change as One of the Biggest Issue to Cause Refugee Crisis

According to a new report, millions of people throughout the world will be just forced to leave their homes and look for asylum because of the climate change in the next decade. This will create the biggest refugee crisis in the history of humanity.

Senior US military and security experts have stated that in accordance with the Environmental Justice Foundation the number of climate refugees will even be bigger than those who left their dwellings because of the Syrian conflict. This problem is about to bring a lot of challenges and difficulties to Europe.

The retired US military corps brigadier general Stephen Cheney once said that the problems Europe is experiencing now cannot be compared with those which will happen in 20 years. Climate changes force people to leave Africa, the Sahel areas especially. And those, who are seeking some better living conditions, do not move to South Africa. Instead, they are going across the Mediterranean.

There was a study published, which calls all governments to agree on a new legal framework in order to protect the climate and those who are suffering from its changes. It is also claimed that all nations should undertake the measures prepared in the Paris climate agreement to implement the targets.

The former chief scientific adviser to the UK government, Sir David King, said that what we have now is a real threat to the civilization in a long-term perspective. This issue includes all kinds of risks. In the broader aspect, it also required human responses which were not taken into account before.

From the report, we also get to know that Syrian droughts forced 1.5 million people to migrate leaving their homes between 2006 and 2011. All that people have no means to live there that time. They had no access to water, food, jobs etc.

Climate change is seen as an unpredictable element which can happen anytime and in any corner of the world. However, in case this element is added to the existing social, economic and political problems, disastrous consequences are inevitable.

The problem of climate change should be necessarily taken into account and addressed. This issue can arouse violent conflicts and mass migrations. So, it is the urgent problem for all policymakers and leaders to be solved soon, as it develops at very high rates.

Despite the fact that the majority of refugees are people from the Middle East and Africa, changing climate can affect other countries as well. Richer or poorer, all nations are under threat.

The fact that the climate change has put the whole world under an existential threat, it is still not late to take some actions to protect our home from the fatal consequences. By doing at least the smallest steps to address the problem. We should phase greenhouse gas emissions. There should also be an international legal mechanism built to protect climate refugees. By caring of all these things, we will manage to save the planet and build a future for the world. The problem of climate change is developing day by day. It will not wait. It means, people shouldn’t wait as well. Tomorrow can be too late for people who are in trouble.