Best video Games of 2018

What Video Games Released in 2018 are Worth Your Attention?

If you are a little bored with the previous releases and search for something new, we have gathered this selection for you. For sure, you can try everything yourself and find what suits your requirements.

However, we have considered feedback from numerous users and offer you a list of the most remarkable games, which were released this year.


This is a platform game developed by the Canadian programmer. The game was released at the beginning of the year and already has numerous fans. Here the gamer controls a girl called Madeline, who is climbing the mountains and tries to avoid numerous obstacles on her way. Celeste is following the girls, who will be required to overcome a lot of difficulties. The mountain in the game is the imaginary place in Canada. The game seems to be nothing special at first sight, but in fact, it thrills the gamers a lot.

Dark Souls Remastered

This role-playing game is a new improved edition of the famous Dark Souls. The graphic is great and catching, and the game is very challenging. Here you need to have an excellent reaction and quick fingers since everyone wants your death. Those who search for bright emotions and adrenalin will love this game.


This interactive novel was issued by the Australian developer on the Valentine’s Day. It was made on purpose since the story tells about the girl Florence and her romantic story of love. The girl is 25 years old, she meets a guy Kreesh and they fall in love with each other. Gamers can follow their story of love, solve puzzles and proceed with observing further relationships of a young couple.

God of War

This action adventure is for those who like history and mythology. It is about the journey of the god Kratos and his son. While traveling they had to fight with other gods and with numerous mythical creatures. The adventure of Kratos will absorb you within a few minutes; being violent it is still touching and exciting.


This is a 2D platform game. It offers an interesting mixture of fighting, solving puzzles and exploration. The plot of the game presupposes different levels, which the player should pass. The main character is Robin, but there are also other characters, they join the game only sometimes to help in the battle, etc. Robin collects different tools, which have various options. This game is clever, catching and is admired by numerous fans.

Into the Breach

The plot of this turn-based strategy consists in fighting of human armies with giant monsters. The gamer controls the soldiers and various mechanisms that can be equipped with armors and weapons. Work out the strategy and fight for humanity in this really awesome game.

Monster Hunter World

It is an action role-playing game, which has absorbed millions of users in the whole world. A gamer takes the role of the Hunter, who needs to follow the monster and kill it or trap. It may seem intimidating at once, but in fact will become your favorite game for a long period. Hunters can search for monster alone or they can hunt together with other hunters, which is possible due to online services. So if you are searching for a game to play with your friends, this option can be just what you need.

Ni no Kuni 2

This pleasant and charming Japanese role-playing game is about a king, whose aim is to build the kingdom. The king is a boy with cat ears called Evan. In the game you will have to participate in the battles, solve puzzles and explore the world. The game is distinguished by the absence of violence and gun-centric plot.

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire

This role-playing game includes a huge world created by the real experts in games development. From the first sight, it seems just a classic within its genre, but it will astonish you with the great script. You are offered thrilling 50 hours of the story, pirates, bright strategy battles and many other things. No doubt, the game is beautiful and absorbing.

Shadow of the Colossus

Japanese action-adventure game displays the adventures of the young man called Wander. He must travel through the forbidden land and experience a lot of adventures in order to reach his goal, which is to resurrect girl Mono. The game hardly leaves someone indifferent.

Yakuza 6

Enjoy adventures and feel danger of the criminal life of the virtual Tokyo while playing the final edition of the gangster saga. The fans of the previous game chapters would hardly miss this game, besides the final of this story offers to be something really special.