Best Food When You Are on Camp with your Friends on Holidays

Some Great Ideas for Camping Food

Why you should pay attention to this point

Planning a vacation most people pay considerable attention to the route and the place they are going to. Of course, these things are decisive ones but at the same time, there is the point you have to take into account too – the food. No matter, how far from the city you would be, your body needs nutrients for daily activity.

Whether you live in the camping or take a backpacking trip in the woods, you need to consider carefully what type of products to pack and their number. Otherwise, things may go not as you planned and as a result, you won’t enjoy the rest.

While deciding what types of food to take you should keep in mind several extremely important. As you want to spend some time in the camp or in the woods you have to leave no garbage. You have no idea how much plastic, cardboard, and wrappers a group of only two can produce but it’s easy to reduce if you think about the food in advance. The food you choose mostly determine the amount of garbage, that’s why you should prefer the products you can take out of their original package and put them into ziplock bags. Besides, you need to consider how long and how many resources this or that type of food requires. A good idea, in this case, is dehydrated foods and quick-cooking solutions. They are a real deal, even if you have any doubts concerning their taste, after intensive outdoor activities you will find these products especially delicious. While getting all this stuff into your pack don’t forget to put lighter, less crushable food on the top.

The foods you can easily meet your needs

The variants below are not only rich in nutrients and help you to fill the stomach at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. These foods are exactly what you need to replenish your energy reserves.

Granola and Dehydrated Milk – you should just mix some water with the dehydrated milk and add granola. As a result, you have an amazing breakfast!

Quick Oats – it is easy to cook (boiling water and oats) and what is more important – it’s always nice to eat some warm cereal.

Instant meal – this dish is pretty tasty and easy to cook. Besides, there are always a huge number of such meals to choose from.

Coffee and whiskey are a good combination to start the morning with, especially, when waking up in the middle of the camp during your trip up in the mountains, yes?

Tortilla rolls with peanut butter and jelly – you can replace the bread with the tortilla, as the latter is much easier to pack.

Tuna packets – this is a great source of protein that you can eat on go or combine with other products.

Beef jerky and protein bars – simple but extremely nutritious option you can quickly unpack.

Macaroni and cheese – this dish requires cooking over a camp stove but it is extremely delicious. No one can imagine his or her vacation without the mac and cheese.