Best College Essay – Writing Guidelines for Students

Best College Essay – Top 8 Writing Essay Advices

What is the secret of an excellent college essay? Following grammar, stylistic and punctuation rules is not enough to create a nice paper; you should pay more attention to your storytelling. Your main task here is to tell the story with passion and certainty to make your reader to think of on your topic. It is time to figure out how to complete an unforgettable essay and do it quickly and high-quality.

These top 8 tips will help everyone to create Best College Paper:

Your subject is not OSFA (One Size Fits All)

Choose the way you want to tell the story and try to do it properly. You should provide only your viewpoints about this topic, not someone else’s.

Don’t forget about emotional connection

Ask yourself these questions: How do you want the audience to feel after reading your intro? Are they interested to investigate the rest of the story? Make sure that your writing arouses some emotions and feelings, which excited us to keep reading.


Now is the time at your disposal. If you are tired of arranging your ideas, just begin writing and return to the structure later. It would be good for you to change a scenery to feel yourself better and more comfortable. It may even be that working on a computer seems bothersome, then simply grab your favorite notebook and pen and let your thoughts go.

Proofread your essay

Revising each draft is an integral part of every writing process. Before submitting, you should reread your paper many times to make sure that everything is good. It may be necessary to rewrite something; it seems to be frustrating but the final result is more important.

It’s not a simple text

Use capital letters and punctuations because series of generic one-liners will not introduce a cohesive story. Write like a real master looking for inspiration through social media. You should remember that your work will be read by real professionals.

Does your essay sound like you?

You should take care of it. Your paper is like your own face. Studying at high school you have elaborated your own voice, your own style etc. You have definitely a special attitude to using punctuations and words, organizing thoughts and others.

Who else has read it?

Admission committees include different personalities and individuals. Give the paper to people who know you well (parent, friends, teacher, grandparent, coach) and those who do not (a teacher’s older son, mom’s boss at work, a coach’s wife, and a man who has coffee with your dad every Sunday morning). Take into consideration their feedback and revise the text once more.

Provide an impressive conclusion

It is essential to end your story well to leave the audience pleasantly impressed. Establish your take-away and remember those feels. If your conclusion is not powerful, then it will weaken your whole paper. This is your chance to have the last word on the subject. This part lets you synthesize your thoughts and demonstrate the importance of your ideas. It is also the opportunity to conclude on a positive note.

Bear this in mind: your essay must be well-checked to succeed in admission. Go over to Common Application and start or continue writing your story.