How To Become Successful With A Social Network

The Success Story of Camille Hearst

The biography of Camille Hearst is probably one of the interesting you may hear. Her path started a long time ago, as she finished Stanford with an engineering degree, and joined Apple Company during the era of genius Steve Jobs. That timeframe was very interesting and important since the iPod was introduced and changed the whole world of music. Such start can be a serious boost to any career.

Camille continued to climb to success, as she later became one of the first managers at iTunes, working there from 2005 to 2010. It was an important part of her career, because iTunes was only the number eight music retailer in 2005, and grew to the top one in 2010. It did not stop her to achieve her goals, as she continued to work with giants, such as YouTube, Google, and Hailo (U.K.-based taxi hailing app that was not successful on the U.S. market).

The Kit Project and New Wave of Success

The structure of successful careers always reminds a roller coaster. You reach the highest results, and it is ok if you fail at some point, which makes you only stronger to know how to become successful again. The story of Camille is not an exception. Even after such failure with launching an app for the US, she later started her new project. Now, she is a co-founder and CEO of Kit, a famous social recommendation platform, where many people can share products they like.

As the company started to grow fast, she also announced that seed funding had reached $2, 5 million, which is a great result for such project. This moment has become an important basis for her career, and she joined a list of African-American women ever to raise more than $1 million to grow a startup.

This new project already made a strong impact, and some people make money through using and testing Kit. Moreover, it was successfully launched and perfectly works with Alexa Bot and Twitter, where many users can ‘Ask Kit’ questions related to many products.

Since the launch of Kit, a lot of the people are giving positive feedbacks, using this platform to start or reboot their business by increasing the number of potential customers or audience. Even the stars of social networks use Kit to share with their fans what type of gear they use, and it only increases the popularity of Camille’s project in a good way.

The modern usage of many famous social networks increase the overall people interest in making money, and some good examples are showing how it is easy to achieve high results if you do not stop pursuing your goals. The Success of Camille Hearst is the best example for young people, which should be spread among many universities. Her career path is the best example how you can climb to success and never stop pursuing your dream.