Become An Expert In Writing Powerful Sentences

Top secrets of how to master the art of forming perfect sentences

At last! You are ready to release all the creative ideas living inside your head and present the world with a real masterpiece. You make inordinate efforts and spend a lot of time to create something original but after finishing it you realize that your composition is a total mess. Does this situation sound familiar to you? Do you want to find out why such kind of thing happens? It is all because you didn`t pay enough attention to the essence and structure of every single sentence of your essay or novel. We are going to share our secrets of how to write a perfect sentence.

Where do I begin?

At the very beginning, of course. At first, write the perfect first line. The first sentence is the first chance a writer has to capture the attention of the reader. You can do it by starting your composition with a concise statement of truth or eternal principle. Your first sentence will be considered as successful if it establishes your unique voice and is vivid and surprising.

How many words should a sentence contain?

Keep it concise and short if you want your book or essay to be readable. Overusing long sentences can make the paragraph hard to understand. While the paragraph with short sentences is easier to read, the main idea of the paragraph remains clear. But do not forget to experiment with varies syntax. Before the words slide into their slots, they are just discrete items. It is the syntax that gives them the power to relate to each other in a sequence and carry meaning. It is also essential not to stuff your sentence with unnecessary and superfluous content that can confuse the reader and muddy your intentions.

Is spelling important?

Everyone can agree that spelling is one of the less interesting and more laborious aspects of writing. However, it is one of the tools that facilitates the effective communication of the writer`s message. Spelling is important because it aids in reading. Poor spelling can create confusion, a loss of clarity and meaning.

What makes a bad sentence?

If you are a writer, you should do everything possible to win your readers` hearts and minds. That is why you should be aware of the humiliating mistakes that can easily kill your credibility and make your sentence really awful. Here are some of them: subject-verb agreement errors, misplaced or dangling modifier, no comma in a compound sentence, wrong word usage, sentence fragments, comma splice, and vague pronoun reference.

Is it ok to use complicated words?

Why use a complex word if a simpler one will do? The use of unfamiliar or complex terms interferes with comprehension and slows the readers down. You should always remember that simplicity doesn`t always mean that you`re sacrificing the quality. What is more, in the majority of cases, the use of high-brow language plays tricks on aspiring authors. Because of this reason you should write a sentence that is as clean as a bone that means that it should be understandable for your readers.

Bram Stoker, a famous Irish author, once said that ‘we learn from failure, not from success.’ He was definitely right because mistakes make us what we truly are. Writing is tough but if you feel that it is your vocation, then do your best and get better at it with every passing day. Now you know what makes a sentence so effective. But it should be noted that every writer, even the world-famous one, can still make mistakes. You should always bear in mind that readers appreciate fine sentences that have the central idea. So, always look out for sentences that take your breath away and make you say “What a sentence!”