Advantages and Lows between the PC and Console games

Why PC Gaming is better than Console Gaming

Just as most things out there, gaming consoles and gaming on pc do have their own advantages and also disadvantages, be rest assured also that there are fans that will adhere and support their choice to the very end.

Though it is very true that gaming console seems to be easier to use perhaps when relaxing on the couch, yet there are many more reasons to believe that gaming on the pc seems to be better, let’s see some of the advantages and disadvantages below.

The hardware inside a gaming pc certainly gives it an edge over the console because it outperforms the parts in the console. For example the Xbox, PlayStation series, you can see that the graphics are of higher quality and the frame’s functions at much smoother rates in comparison to the console.

While admiring and wanting to go for such quality do not forget that they also come with a high price tag, for example, a gaming pc with a resolution of 1080p can drain your pocket of somewhere between $500 or more. While the console, seems much cheaper, costing just around $250. Guess now pc gaming isn’t so sweet after all.

The platform Steam allows you do many things like browse, buy and launch games and have been said to be better than the stores in the Xbox One and PlayStation. Game sales on Steam come with its own benefits, you can opt for older versions and enjoy the benefits of a large discount this you cannot get on console stores. For example, the “GTA V” cost around $60 on the Xbox store but you can get it for half that amount in a purchase on Steam

Though recently giants like Sony and Microsoft have made great improvements with their discounts it’s still yet to meet the level of Steam.  Another area users focus on is the multiplayer games. To play these games on the Xbox or PlayStation you must sign up for the paid Xbox Live and PlayStation Network services. This is not the case for PC gamers which do not require such payment or signing up fees.

Microsoft and Sony have made great strides with sales and discounts, but the deals will rarely be as good as you’d find on Steam.

Let’s look at the $60 Xbox Live Gold or the PlayStation Plus membership that you pay for a year of service. Though at first glance it may seem an insignificant amount over the years, say five years it accumulates to around $300. With such amount, you could easily upgrade your pc graphics card.

Some may argue that there are certain exclusive games like “Horizon Zero Dawn” that are not present in the PC, but talking about the sheer number of games, PC is the boss. Pc happen to also be the first to showcase certain games before they find their way to consoles like the famous “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds”, “Minecraft”. Most times users already enjoy these games for sometimes on the PC before they get released on the console. So we can say that PC gamers usually enjoy the earlier versions of games way before the console users. Just as you have some exclusive games that can only be found on the consoles, there are also games only found on the PC  for example  “DayZ” “Eve”, “World of Warcraft” and the “League of Legends”.

Also, some tech-savvy gamers have taken time to create modifications to pc games which enhance their graphics, for example, the “GTA V” with some “mods” it looks way better and contents are added like the “exploding Galaxy Note 7” which serves as a dynamite.

Preferences differ but most users have said they prefer to play games using the keyboard and mouse, where they have more control and play with more accuracy compared to joysticks which really provide inaccurate aiming. Though in the console they try to compensate for this with the assisted aiming feature, this feature locks on the position of the target when you aiming in its direction. PC gamers still can play with a controller if they want.

Console games are designed most times to work on monitors and TVs, this is cool however special gaming monitors possesses features that are not present on TV. When playing with the 21:9 ultrawide screen console games will not give you a complete or full display. The TV’s traditional ration is 16:9 and this does not give full vision in comparison with the ultra wide monitors, where users can easily spot enemies. The games look more beautiful and immersive on an ultrawide monitor and most users are already anticipating the Samsung’s absurd-yet tempting super ultrawide 32:9 monitor. There is also a big difference when we talk about the refresh rates; monitors offer rates like 144 Hz or 240 Hz which allows games up to 144 or 240 frames per second providing a mind blowing smooth play. Console games are less in the quality of rates they provide giving about 60 frames per second. Some monitors come with the Tobii’s eye-tracking technology, which easily changes the user’s field of view by tracking the directions which the eyes are looking. This is huge for some users as they can simply play their game without bothering the next person close to them using the TV.