A Pack of Tools for Your Successful Writing Projects

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Writing Tools and Apps for Your Writing Tasks

Having a nice kit of writing tools is a must for all students. If you have already gathered one, we are ready to provide you with some suggestions on how to expand it. Even if you prefer writing your texts and essays on paper, there will be a moment to convert them into digital documents.

In the following post, you will learn about the best writing tools for college and university learners. Here we go!

Google Docs

Google Docs is a great text processor that can be used online. The tool allows you to create, format, edit, and share all types of documents. This tool is especially great for students that work in groups. Google Docs allows you to add authors and co-authors to write and change a project together.


It is essential to polish your papers before sending them to your professor. It might be hard to detect and eliminate all grammar, punctuation, and stylistic mistakes on your own. The default Microsoft Word checker is not very efficient, so you need a digital writing assistant like Grammarly. This program finds errors and provides suggestions on how to fix them. There are useful explanations to help you understand your mistakes and avoid them in the future.


Another excellent tool for team-projects is Draftin. This app allows students to collaborate freely, exchanging ideas, and editing suggestions online. All changes can be tracked and stored.


Formatting is crucial for your college papers. When you add someone else’s words to your project, you need to make references. Otherwise, you will be blamed for plagiarism! To skip all the tedious and boring work with manual formatting, rely on BibMe. This online tool will help you cite books, media, journals, newspapers, etc. Just type the information about a source and get a complete citation, footnote, or reference in a second.


When writing a research paper or any other academic project, you cannot do it without notes. Having a clear and convenient note-taking tool at hand is a great idea for everyone who strives to keep their papers organized. Evernote will help you create different types of notes, highlight them, and even work on a couple of projects simultaneously.


High school and college students might be struggling with poetry writing. Indeed, creating an original and stylish poem is real art. If you are not sure that you have already mastered this craft, use Poetry Forge. This platform is stuffed with neat tools and features to find rhymes, keep up with style, and write poetry like Shakespeare. 


To make your content more vibrant, you are recommended to use Thesaurus – an online dictionary of synonyms. When you are scratching your head over another sentence, and have no idea how to replace common words, find something better at this online app. Just type the word in a search bar, and Thesaurus will provide a list of synonyms with definitions.


Students need some space for creative projects as well! Your life is not limited to essays, right? If you have always wanted to have a blog, then WordPress is a perfect platform for you. This site provides all features and tools for newcomers. Using them, anyone can start a professionally-looking blog without any experience and technical skills.


If you have some creative stories to share, try Medium. Here you can publish your texts and get feedback from the readers. This is a pretty extensive resource, so thousands of eyes will see your brilliant content.

Enjoy these fantastic tools and make your writing easier and more advanced! Grow as a writer and let the digital wizardry support you on the way to perfection!